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  The Davis Tool is one of the best measuring tools for points and straight edge for ringers. The calipers measure for closeness, and there is a 6 inch file for cleaning the roughness from burrs. These sell for $15.00, DT 224, on our Lucky Shoe Pro Shop website.   The Horseshoe Hooker is also […]

2015 NHPA WORLD TOURNAMENT – Topeka Kansas

  This year’s World Tournament was one of the largest, with 1440 entries. It was located in Topeka Kansas, which accounted for the large turnout, and consisted of men, women, boys and girls.   50 different types of horseshoes were pitched, and all shoes had to be weighted because of the weight limits, which is […]

2015 NHPA World Tournament

Topeka Kansas This year’s World Tournament will be one of the largest, with 1440 entries. It is centrally located in Topeka Kansas, which accounts for the large turnout; and there will be all ages of men, women, junior boys and girls participating. Men’s world champion, Alan Francis, ringer percentage of 87, and woman’s world champion […]

Boyd Teaching a Pitching How-To

Here are some photos of Boyd teaching the in-and outs of throwing horseshoes with proper technique. Visit our main site to order a new pair or continue browsing through our blog articles.      

History of Pitching Horseshoes

According to some historians the origin of pitching horseshoes can be traced back to the Ancient Grecian Olympic Games in which discus throwing was a major event. .   Ancient Grecian soldiers who followed the events of the Olympian Games, not able to afford the discus, adapted throwing discarded horseshoes at a steak […]

What is Horseshoe Pitching, and Where can I Play?


Horseshoes is a fun game generally played outdoors where two people (or teams of two people) take turns pitching horseshoes at stakes in the ground placed 40 feet apart in 3-4 inch pits. Pits contain clay, sand, dirt and/or synthetic compositions. It’s a fun game to pass the time with friends, to enjoy in your […]


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